Modern Reader

"Never trust anyone who has not

brought a book with them"

-Lemony Snicket

About the Reader

Kailey is an English major who enjoys historical fiction and period dramas.  Her favorite eras are Regency and Victorian England; she is only slightly ashamed to admit that not much of American history interests her.  Four years ago she fell into the Outlander obsession and is proud to say she would read all of Diana Gabaldon's books at any point in time and in any setting.  As far as Kailey's own writing endeavors go, she is currently constructing an essay on Freudian psychology in relation to Jane Austen's Persuasion. In addition, she is preparing for a conference where she will discuss the merits of James Joyce's character Molly Bloom, a woman more than her body.  Her non-academic endeavors include a fantasy novel about the meaning of death and the inability to trust anyone, even in the afterlife. Kailey wonders why she keeps adding things to her planner.